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Appa-ATL-3-Set-Of-Test-Leads-1.2-M-Rood-+-Zwart Appa ATL-3 Set Of Test Leads 1.2 M Rood + Zwart

Test Lead with test probe The test probe has combination probe tip and ø 4 mm resilient laboratory plug Highly flexible PVC cable with 4 mm insulated angled laboratory plug of safety type The ti...
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Appa-IT-1-IR-Thermometer--30...500-°C Appa IT-1 IR-Thermometer -30...500 °C

Kenmerken 3-in-1 InfraRed Thermometer, Voltage Detector and LED TorchAccurate InfraRed thermometer with single laser pointer(-30...500° C / -22...932 °F)Easy to use non-contact AC voltage detectio...
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Braun-Photo-Technik-Rangefinder-600WH Braun Photo Technik Rangefinder 600WH

Deze Braun RangFinder kan afstand, hoogte, hoek en snelheid meten.Ideaal om te combineren met een verrekijker of camera. 21 mm lensobjectief6x vergroting7,2° kijkhoek16 mm pupilafstandPrecisie t...
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Fluke-116-Digitale-Multimeter-Trms-Ac-6000-Cijfers-600-Vac-600-Vdc-0.0006-Adc Fluke 116 Digitale Multimeter Trms Ac 6000 Cijfers 600 Vac 600 Vdc 0.0006 Adc

Fluke 116 Digital Multimeter With Temperature and Microamps The Fluke 116 is for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) engineers. It includes temperature measurement and microamp c...
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Fluke-1507-Insulation-Tester-10-Gohm-50-Vdc-100-Vdc-250-Vdc-500-Vdc-1000-Vdc-600-Vac Fluke 1507 Insulation Tester 10 Gohm 50 Vdc/100 Vdc/250 Vdc/500 Vdc/1000 Vdc 600 Vac

Insulation tester 10 GOhm 50 VDC/100 VDC/250 VDC/500 VDC/1000 VDC 600 VAC...
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Fluke-1621-Ground-Gauge Fluke 1621 Ground Gauge

Ground gauge...
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Fluke-1AC-E2-II-Non-contact-Voltage-Tester-230...1000-Vac Fluke 1AC-E2-II Non-contact Voltage Tester 230...1000 Vac

Non-contact voltage tester 230...1000 VAC Batterijen: 2x AAA/LR03CAT Catalogue Description 2: For UK/FIN/SPA/PL/ITAIndicatie, LED: RoodIndication, sound: +Proefspanning: 230...1000 VACVeiligheid: ...
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Fluke-324-Current-Clamp-Meter-400-Aac-Trms-Ac Fluke 324 Current Clamp Meter 400 Aac Trms Ac

Current clamp meter 400 AAC TRMS AC...
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Fluke-414D-Distance-Meter-50-M-0...50-M Fluke 414D Distance Meter 50 M 0...50 M

Instant measurements up to 100 meters (424D) Just point, click, done Measure with greater accuracy: Up to +/- 1 mm. No scales to interpret or misread Easily measure hard-to-access areas, like hi...
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Fluke-53-2-B-Thermometer-1x--250...+1767-°c Fluke 53-2 B Thermometer 1x -250...+1767 °c

Thermometer 1x -250...+1767 °C...
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Fluke-80PK-8-Surface-Measuring-Sensor-For-Tubes-Type-K Fluke 80PK-8 Surface Measuring Sensor For Tubes, Type K

Surface measuring sensor for tubes, type K...
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Fluke-9040-Fase-Rotatie-Meter-40-700-Vac Fluke 9040 Fase Rotatie Meter 40-700 Vac

Fluke FLUKE-9040EUR -9040 Fase Rotatie Meter Indicator voor draaiveldrichtingAanduiding drie fasesMotordraairichtingstester40...700 VAC...
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Fluke-922-Air-Flow-Meter-1...80-M-s-0...99.999-M³-h-0...+50-°c Fluke 922 Air Flow Meter 1...80 M/s 0...99.999 M³/h 0...+50 °c

Air flow meter 1...80 m/s 0...99.999 m³/h 0...+50 °C...
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Fluke-971-Thermo-hygrometer--20...+60-°c-5...95 Fluke 971 Thermo-hygrometer -20...+60 °c 5...95 %

Backlit double display, integrated belt clip and protective holster Displays moisture and temperature at same time Dew point and evaporation temperature determination Storage capacity for up to ...
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Fluke-985-Particle-Counter-...0.1698-M³-h Fluke 985 Particle Counter ...0.1698 M³/h

Applications: Contamination and Quality Control, clean Rooms and Certification and Monitoring, energy Assessment, indoor Air Quality Investigations, filter Testing and Leak Detection Six channels ...
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Fluke-BP120MH-Nimh-Battery-Pack-For-123-124 Fluke BP120MH Nimh Battery Pack For 123, 124

NiMH battery pack for Fluke 123, 124...
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Fluke-CV300-Ir-window-75-Mm Fluke CV300 Ir-window 75 Mm

Don’t open the panel door, install a IR-Window instead Increase the safety and speed of electrical thermal imaging inspections with IR Windows Installation takes 5 minutes, without removing the p...
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Fluke-I310S-Current-Clamp-Adapter-30-Aac-300-Aac-30-Adc-300-Adc Fluke I310S Current Clamp Adapter 30 Aac/300 Aac 30 Adc/300 Adc

Current Clamp Adapter 30 AAC/300 AAC 30 ADC/300 ADC...
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Fluke-RLD2-LED-Lekdetector-en-Zaklamp Fluke RLD2 LED Lekdetector en Zaklamp

The compact UV torch immediately discovers coolant leaks First use the UV light to find the leaking area, then the laser to mark the exact location Four operating modes: Torch, UV light, laser be...
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